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Ilustration / Design

Getting to put a picture to other's work, ideas and dreams is a task I do not take lightly. It may be one of my favorite tasks because it is not only creating art but I am creating a friendship with my client as they place their trust in me to create for them an image that could stay with them for a lifetime. 


Intentional Truth 

Intentional Truth is a business dedicated to creating a memorization curriculum for children that does not only work wonderfully but is beautiful and tells a story. 

Tattoo Design

A tattoo is a living piece of art. It does not simply get hung on your wall but is on a person's body till they die. With that in mind, I put much thought into my tattoo designs and do my very best to create beautiful, anatomically aligned tattoos for my clients. 


Sticker Design

As an artist, I create a handful of designs weekly and one day realized I needed to start putting them to use. From there I started printing and selling stickers. Click the button below to view more of my designs.

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