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You have spent so much time and effort to get to this point in life and let me just say CONGRATULATIONS! 

As your Senior Photographer I have a few goals:

  • To document this monumental year of your life.​

  • To capture who you truly are. Your interest, your personality, simply all things that make you who you are. 

  • And to make you feel celebrated, beautiful, and ready to be sent off to your next great adventure. 

Male Portrait

In order to accomplish this goal,
I have created a prep guide for you that will help you get ready for the big day,
your Senior Session!!

Below you will find Tips and Tricks on:
How to dress for your session.
How to model like a pro and
how to go about doing your makeup. 

*Keep in mind these are all suggestions from me. I have used these tips and trips for years and know they work wonders, but if you feel you know what you like, then 100% go for it! This is your shoot. 

Dramatic Portrait

To access the guide you are looking for simply click one of these three buttons!



Ana's work is absolutely amazing. My senior session was a blast! As somewhat of a "camera shy" person, Ana really helped me feel very comfortable in my own skin, which made the experience worthwhile. On top of that, my photos are incredible! Her skills of combining both a person and a landscape make for movie-like shots and it will definitely be an experience I will never forget!

Thanks again Ana!

- Isabela H.

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