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Hi, I am Ana 

As an artist, my background is a delightful mix of classical fine art, modeling, graphic design, and photography – a creative kaleidoscope that adds a unique flavor to my work. This diverse journey has been a lifelong commitment, with my artistic endeavors shaping my path since childhood.


My love for art has been an unwavering constant, guiding me to self-teach a range of skills from realistic portrait drawing to landscape painting and logo design. At the age of 15, I took a significant step by enrolling in a trade school, specializing in Hyper-Realistic Figure drawing. By my third year, I had not only mastered the craft but also transitioned into a role as a college-level Figure Drawing instructor.


Photography seamlessly wove itself into my creative narrative, initially serving as a source of reference for my drawing projects. This passion organically expanded, leading me to venture into Senior Portraits during my own senior year of high school. This small business endevour opened unexpected doors, ultimately propelling me into the position of Lead Photographer and social media manager for a Non-Profit. This role became a passport to travel, taking me across the Pacific to destinations such as Australia, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand.


The unforeseen twist of COVID-19 prompted an early return to my Pacific Northwest roots. Encouraged by mentors, I decided to rekindle my art and photography business. Starting with senior photo sessions, I gradually expanded my scope to include wedding photography and collaborations with small businesses in the area. This period also saw a reconnection with the vibrant PNW art and business community. Although it took a year post-relaunch to fully embrace the fine art and graphic design roots, I eventually gained clients in those areas as well.


This journey has been a rollercoaster of highs, lows, adventures to places like Mexico and Ecuador and learning many new skills. One of my favorite aspects has been the joy of collaborating with fellow creatives worldwide, through platforms like Instagram, plane tickets, coffee chats, and joint projects.


I am seriously dedication to my craft and it is truly a cornerstone of my identity, and I take immense pride in what I do. Currently, the majority of my time is devoted to the art of mural painting and portrait photography but am excited to discussing the opportunity to expand my focus due to your projects needs.


I hope to be able to hear all about you soon because yes business is personal!


to keep up with my day to day life & art projects follow me on instagram @anatheartist_


“Ana photographed our wedding in New Zealand and did a remarkable job. She's professional and has a clear vision for shots that you'll love. Easy to work with and personable with guests! Definitely recommend her services!”

— Ben K.

to keep up with photography work follow me on instagram @anatheartistphoto


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